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Big Data Services to Make a Big Difference

We support organizations to mine and derive value out of voluminous amounts of data collected from websites, mobile apps, and connected devices. Partner with us to explore possible big data opportunities to help you develop data-driven and intelligent strategies, create successful marketing campaigns, and make data-backed business decisions. Ready to explore fresh growth opportunities with big data?

Our Big Data Service Capabilities

We partner with businesses anywhere they are in their journey to extract value from data and turn them into actionable insights – unlocking competitive advantages for organizations.

Data Ingestion

Our capabilities help discover potential sources of data and build a robust ​Data Ingestion mechanism to collect, ingest, and manage multiple data sources.

Data Storage

Our ​Data Storage experience includes engineering scalable data warehouses and data lakes to efficiently store and retrieve data.

Proficiency in databases, multiple tech stacks, and database models such as Graph, Search, Columnar, and Timeseries ensure that we choose the best available solution to suit your use case to make data available fast and in the right format.

Data Pipeline

To manage volume, variety, and velocity of data, our experienced data engineering teams build Data Pipelines that have integrated quality checks to process stream (real-time) or batch (historical) data.

BI & Analytics

Business also leverages our ​BI and Analytics capabilities​ to build interactive and self-service dashboards to consume and visualize their data to derive insights for enhanced decision making.

We leverage popular BI platforms or custom make them to suit the organization’s needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence practice​ allows the business to build custom models to automate decision making.

See How our Big Data Services can Help your Business Grow

Maintaining a high level of user engagement is how companies stay relevant. Our advances in technology and design thinking help you achieve it.

Big Data Technologies We Use

Here’s the list of technologies most frequently used in our big data projects:

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