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Product development

1. Investigation & estimation

We listen to understand what you want to build, what features your product should have, and what purpose it will serve.

  • Requirements gathering. Arrange a call with our business analyst so you can describe the product features.
  • Research. We dig into the market and your business model to identify the current and most suitable tech solutions.
  • Approximate estimation. Our business analyst offers an approximate estimate of the time and money needed to get your project off the ground.
  • What you get: Consultation with a business analyst, Idea crash test, Rough project estimate.

2. Planning

This is one of the main steps of product development, in which all features are bundled into a list, prioritized, and displayed on a timeline. In addition, this is when we define the architecture and technology stack.

  • Workshop. We accurately assess your ideas and risks, prioritize features, and get expert feedback.
  • Roadmap. A roadmap gives you a clear vision of the development process so you can understand current and future steps.
  • Tech stack & architecture. We define the best technologies and architecture for the project to avoid refactoring in the future.
  • What you get: Sitemap, Information architecture, Development plan, Tech stack & architecture, and Final proposal

3. Design

Through user research and tests, we define how the final product will function and look like so users get value effortlessly and enjoy using it.

  • UX. The designer determines how users should interact with the product to accomplish their purpose quickly and intuitively.
  • UI. We draw a final view of the software, homing in on details and micro-interactions.
  • Identity design. We fine-tune your company’s identity elements to make your brand memorable and noticeable.
  • What you get: Identity design, Style guide, Wireframes, Prototype and UI design mockups

4. Coding

This is when our engineers build your software using the defined technologies and architecture in accordance with the user experience and user interface designs.

  • Databases & cloud. Developers set up the environment for data storage, APIs, cloud computing, etc.
  • Front-end. We craft flexible and lighting-fast interfaces to provide users with a picture-perfect experience.
  • Back-end. Our engineers work on the hidden system that drives the software’s business logic.
  • What you get: Website layout, Back-end code, Configured databases, and Custom APIs

5. Testing

To keep your users from seeing bugs, our QA specialists perform automated and manual testing to assure the quality of the code and the user experience.

  • Test automation. Automate code testing for higher deployment capacity and lower regression risk.
  • Manual QA. Product checks by hand ensure everything works as planned and users get the best experience.
  • Security check. Make sure your product doesn’t have any backdoors, vulnerabilities, or data breaches.
  • What you get: Test automation, Usability testing, Test scripts, and Security check.

6. Deployment & maintenance

We take your product live and are glad to support its growth. Moreover, we set up continuous integration and delivery to increase deployment capacity.

  • CI/CD. Increase delivery speed by checking code automatically and instantly before deployment.
  • Cloud and app stores. Set up a cloud platform for the website and configure the app for release on the app stores.
  • Continuous improvement. We conduct user interviews and surveys to identify new opportunities and adjust the business trajectory.
  • What you get: Source code and build files, Product reviews, User feedback, and Maintenance and support.

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