Tech Stack

next-gen technologies to empower digital businesses.

Frontend Engineering

Our set of technologies that we used in developing the interface of web applications and web pages for the users.

Backend Engineering

Set of technologies to make applications dynamic, functional, efficient, secure, and optimize its speed through adept and appropriate backend engineering.


Maintain database solutions by integrating cutting edge technologies for commercial and enterprise purposes.

Mobile App Engineering

Solutions refers to a combination of programming languages, platforms, frameworks, tools, and other technologies required to develop a functional mobile app.


You can leverage blockchain technology to deploy and secure your business by harnessing the power of Decentralized Technology.

Web Content Management

Enhance customers service capability, Save time and money for your digital resources by implementing the comprehensive CMS systems from our latest technology stack.

Big Data And Analytics

Our Data & Analytics practice enables you to work with high volume multi-structured data including, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured by using Big Data and Analytics solutions.


Balance at each level of the development cycle on cloud or on-premise, reduce failure rate, better recovery process, shorten the market release time, and achieve transformation with DevOps.


Ensure all functioning of your applications including performance and usability through our manual and automated testing services.

AI and IoT

AI IoT edge processing solutions empowers business processes with sensory data that explores the entire journey of the enterprise.


Straight on your device– an industrial concept which makes it possible for you to stream video, through the internet.

Project Management Tools

Organized workflow, project, time, accountability, and all features for successful project management and business productivity.

Code Versioning

Solutions for your source code, software, content traceability, accountability, promote collaboration, build reproducibility, and resolve problems with right tools.

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